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Why Digitaley Drive?

Experts Vetted

We choose our teams carefully. Our people are the secret to an excellent learning experience.

Build Innovators

We equip talents to become innovators through high value training and development.

Strong empathy

We have user tested our own learning process by mentoring over 10,000+ Students.

Collaborative Development

Join our team of solution oriented talents to build real-world innovative projects and models in hackathon sessions.

Great Learning Experience

Our writers have expertise in each specific industries, delivering exceptional learning contents and knowledge

Great Learning Experience

From each course, we give you an opportunity that adds great value.

Global Community

We give you access to a sophisticated pool of people, talents and leaders in over 26 countries.

Simple and affordable

We have an array of free and affordable classes for students who want to dip their feet into the world of data analytics.

Where our students work

How learning works

Learn Virtually

Our 100% detailed virtual classes give you a transformational learning experience. Make the world your classroom and learn In your own space at a guided pace.

Recorded session

We also give you live time access to every recorded session of the training which will be made available after each class.

Instructors with real life experience

We pride ourselves in our team of highly experienced facilitators that are patient, sophisticated and willing to walk you through every step of your learning. Each course will come with real life scenarios for practical illustration.


During the programme, you have the opportunity to book BI-weekly session with a mentor, who will guide you through your learning and development outside of the classroom.


Learning never stops with our community of highly driven talents, like- minded passionate learners, and experienced professionals. Where you have the opportunity to interact with facilitators and colleagues,ask questions, give suggestions and get real-time feedback.

Projects and Hackathon

At the end of each programme, you will have the opportunity to build sophisticated projects for your portfolio and participate in a hackathon organized by our learning institute. A Pre-hackathon will be held, of which the best students will be selected to present in the main hackathon event.

More than 2000 alumni speak for themselves

My name is Karabo Bhulose, I live in KZN,South Africa. My experience with Digitaleydrive was amazing as the classes were very informative. My highlights was learning how to analyze data with excel. I previously found it difficult, however on joining Digitaleydrive, one of the facilitators made it easier for me and that has had a huge impact on my skill set and life generally. As a final year student in Business Information with the Durban University of technology, I will say that I am more efficient in practical things I do with the help of Digitaleydrive data training.

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Karabo Bhulose

(South Africa)

The Python Programming class by Digitaleydrive so far has been absolutely amazing, the instructors possess a deep understanding of Python programming. Their clear explanations and real-world examples made complex concepts accessible, even for beginners like me. Classes have been highly engaging, with a good balance of theory and hands-on coding exercises. They also fostered a collaborative learning environment, encouraging questions and discussions that enhanced our understanding of Python. Thank you Digitaleydrive for this wonderful opportunity.

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Phillip Ayanlere


As someone transitioning from Pharmacy to Data analysis, I wasn't sure what to expect. However, the learning process was comprehensive, with a well-structured curriculum that made it easy to progress from the basics to advanced aspects. The instructors were very supportive and patient, providing clear explanations for tasks and areas we found difficult. My highlight during the training was the opportunity to work on projects that mirrored real-life data scenarios. These projects challenged me to learn new concepts every day, pushing me to do more research outside the covered material. Receiving constructive feedback from the tutors further helped me improve my skills. After the training, I feel more confident and well-equipped to work independently on projects and pursue a career in data analysis. I'm excited about the prospect of implementing my skills in a professional setting.

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Akpudo Chinenye

United Kingdom

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